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The Life of Gertrude Bell, English Explorer in Iraq

The Life of Gertrude Bell, English Explorer in Iraq Gertrude Bell (July 14, 1868 – July 12, 1926) was a British writer, politician, and archaeologist whose knowledge and travels in the Middle East made her a valuable and influential person in British administration of the region. Unlike many of her countrymen, she was regarded with considerable respect by the locals in Iraq, Jordan, and other countries. Fast Facts: Gertrude Bell Full Name: Gertrude Margaret Lowthian BellKnown For: Archaeologist and historian who gained significant knowledge of the Middle East and helped shape the region post-World War I. She was particularly influential in the creation of the state of Iraq.Born: July 14, 1868 in Washington New Hall,  County Durham, EnglandDied: July 12, 1926 in Baghdad, IraqParents: Sir Hugh Bell and Mary BellHonors: Order of the British Empire; namesake of the mountain Gertrudspitze and the wild bee genus  Belliturgula Early Life Gertrude Bell was born in Washington, England, in the northeastern county of Durham. Her father was Sir Hugh Bell, a baronet who was a sheriff and a justice of the peace before joining the family manufacturing firm, Bell Brothers, and gaining a reputation for being a progressive and caring boss. Her mother, Mary Shield Bell, died giving birth to a son, Maurice, when Bell was only three years old. Sir Hugh remarried four years later to Florence Olliffe. Bell’s family was wealthy and influential; her grandfather was ironmaster and politician Sir Isaac Lowthian Bell. A playwright and children’s author, her stepmother was a major influence on Bells early life. She taught Bell etiquette and decorum, but also encouraged her intellectual curiosity and social responsibility. Bell was well-educated, first attending Queen’s College, then Lady Margaret Hall at Oxford University. Despite the limitations placed on female students, Bell graduated with first-class honors in just two years, becoming one of the first two Oxford women to achieve those honors with a modern history degree (the other was her classmate Alice Greenwood). World Travels After completing her degree, in 1892, Bell began her travels, first heading to Persia to visit her uncle, Sir Frank Lascelles, who was a minister at the embassy there. Only two years later, she published her first book, Persian Pictures, describing these travels. For Bell, this was only the beginning of over a decade of extensive travel. Bell quickly became a bonafide adventurer, going mountaineering in Switzerland and developing fluency in several languages, including French, German, Persian, and Arabic (plus proficiency in Italian and Turkish). She developed a passion for archaeology and continued her interest in modern history and peoples. In 1899, she returned to the Middle East, visiting Palestine and Syria and stopping in the historic cities of Jerusalem and Damascus. In the course of her travels, she began to become acquainted with the people living in the region. In addition to simply traveling, Bell continued some of her more daring expeditions. She climbed Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps, and even had one peak, the Gertrudspitze, named after her in 1901. She also spent considerable time in the Arabian Peninsula over the course of more than a decade. King of Saudi Arabia, Ibn Saud, meets with British diplomat Sir Percy Cox and political advisor Gertrude Bell in Basra, Mesopotamia. The LIFE Picture Collection / Getty Images Bell never married or had any children, and only had a few known romantic attachments. After meeting the administrator Sir Frank Swettenham on a visit to Singapore, she kept up a correspondence with him, despite their 18-year age gap. They had a brief affair in 1904 after his return to England. More significantly, she exchanged passionate love letters from 1913 until 1915 with Lieutenant Colonel Charles Doughty-Wylie, an army officer who was already married. Their affair remained unconsummated, and after his death in action in 1915, she had no other known romances. Archaeologist in the Middle East In 1907, Bell began working with archaeologist and scholar Sir William M. Ramsay. They worked on excavations in modern-day Turkey, as well as the discovery of a field of ancient ruins in the north of Syria. Two years later, she shifted her focus to Mesopotamia, visiting and studying the ruins of ancient cities. In 1913, she became only the second foreign woman to journey to Ha’li, a notoriously unstable and dangerous city in Saudi Arabia. When World War I broke out, Bell tried to obtain a posting in the Middle East but was denied; instead, she volunteered with the Red Cross. However, British intelligence was soon in need of her expertise in the region to get soldiers through the desert. During her expeditions, she forged close relationships with locals and tribe leaders. Starting from there, Bell gained remarkable influence in shaping British policy in the area. Bell became the sole female political officer in the British forces and was sent to areas where her expertise was needed. During this time, she also witnessed the horrors of the Armenian genocide and wrote about it in her reports of the time. The delegates of the Mespot Commission at the Cairo Conference. The group was set up by Colonial Secretary Winston Churchill to discuss the future of Arab nations. Gertrude Bell on the left, second row. Corbis Historical / Getty Images Political Career After British forces captured Baghdad in 1917, Bell was given the title of Oriental Secretary and ordered to assist in the restructuring of the area that had previously been the Ottoman Empire. In particular, her focus was the new creation of Iraq. In her report, â€Å"Self Determination in Mesopotamia,† she laid out her ideas about how the new leadership should work, based on her experience in the region and with its people. Unfortunately, the British commissioner, Arnold Wilson, believed that the Arab government needed to be overseen by British officials who would hold the final power, and many of Bell’s recommendations were not implemented. Bell continued on as Oriental Secretary, which in practice meant liaising between the various different factions and interests. At the Cairo Conference of 1921, she was critical in discussions on Iraqi leadership. She advocated for Faisal bin Hussein to be named the first King of Iraq, and when he was installed in the post, she advised him on a wide variety of political matters and supervised the selection of his cabinet and other positions. She gained the moniker al-Khatun among the Arab population, signifying a â€Å"Lady of the Court† who observes to serve the state. Bell also participated in the drawing of borders in the Middle East; her reports from that time proved to be prescient, as she remarked on the likelihood that none of the possible borders and divisions would satisfy all factions and keep long-term peace. Her close relationship with King Faisal also resulted in the founding of the Iraqi Archaeological Museum and an Iraq base of the British School of Archaeology. Bell personally brought artifacts from her own collection and supervised excavations as well. Over the next few years, she remained a key part of the new Iraqi administration. Death and Legacy Bell’s workload, combined with the desert heat and a slew of illnesses, took its toll on her health. She suffered from recurrent bronchitis and began losing weight rapidly. In 1925, she returned to England only to face a new set of problems. Her family’s wealth, made mostly in industry, was in rapid decline, thanks to the combined effects of industrial worker strikes and economic depression across Europe. She became ill with pleurisy and, almost immediately after, her brother Hugh died of typhoid fever. On the morning of July 12, 1926, her maid discovered her dead, apparently of an overdose of sleeping pills. It was unclear if the overdose was accidental or not. She was buried at the British cemetery in the Bab al-Sharji district in Baghdad. In the tributes following her death, she was praised for both her achievements and her personality by her British colleagues, and she was posthumously awarded the Order of the British Empire. Among the Arabic communities she worked with, it was noted that â€Å"she was one of the few representatives of His Majestys Government remembered by the Arabs with anything resembling affection.† Sources Adams, Amanda. Ladies of the Field: Early Women Archaeologists and Their Search for Adventure. Greystone Books Ltd, 2010.Howell, Georgina. Gertrude Bell: Queen of the Desert, Shaper of Nations. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2006.Meyer, Karl E.; Brysac, Shareen B. Kingmakers: The Invention of the Modern Middle East. New York: W.W. Norton Co., 2008.

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Business School Internships - Where to Find Business School Internships Online

Business School Internships - Where to Find Business School Internships Online Business school internships can be easy to find if you know where to look. There are tons of websites dedicated to helping students find an internship or summer job. Here are 25 of the best places to find business school internships online. AboutJobs.com - This site is a great place for students and recent grads to find business school internships, summer jobs and overseas jobs. CBcampus - This CareerBuilder site is designed specifically for students who need internships and part-time jobs. College Central - College Central is the nations largest network of college job seekers. CollegeGrad.com - This search engine limits your search to internships only. Using the advanced search option will help you narrow your results further. CollegeRecruiter.com - This search engine boasts thousands of internships for business school students and an equal number of entry-level jobs for new grads. CoolWorks - Although this site is know for hosting outdoor jobs and jobs in national parks, you can find a nice selection of interesting business internships. Craigslist - You can search Craigslist for anything, including internships. One word of warning: beware of scammers. Do not give your bank account information to anyone, and never tra nsfer money on someone elses behalf. Experience.com - Designed specifically for students and young professionals, Experience.com is one of the best places on the web to get career advice while you search for internships. Idealist.org - If youre looking for volunteer opportunities or internships that will help you make a difference, Idealist.org is the site to search. Indeed - Indeed is a great place to find internships and entry-level jobs. The site searches other job boards all over the web. InternAbroad.com - Use this site when you are searching for work abroad. InternJobs.com - This About.com site is a global database of internships for students and recent graduates. Internships.com - This site provides an internship search engine and excellent advice to help you launch your business career. Internships-USA - Internships-USA is the largest internship search engine on the web. More than 300 schools subscribe to this site. InternWeb.com - InternWeb is a good source for business internships, summer internships and entr y-level jobs. MonsterTRAK - This Monster site was created specifically for people who need entry-level jobs and internships. New postings are added each day. SimplyHired - This site is an award-winning meta search engine that searches other job sites so you dont have to. Snagajob.com - Snagajob.com is one of the best places on the web to search for jobs that pay by the hour. StudentJobs.gov - Designed specifically for students, this official government site is a good place to find business internships with the federal government. The Nonprofit Jobs Cooperative - This site is the result of a collaboration between nonprofit management centers from across the United States. If you are looking for an internship with a nonprofit, youll definitely want to check out The Nonprofit Jobs Cooperative. Vault - Vault is a great place to search for jobsbusiness school internships are no exception. University of Dreams - You can find guaranteed summer internships on the University of Dreams website. USA Jobs - The official job site of the United States federal government is a great place to find business internships. WorkTree - This meta search engine searches other sites for internship opportunities to help you save time.Yahoo! Hot Jobs - You can search this section of Yahoo! Hot Jobs to find high-paying business school internships.

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Marketing and Trasforming Business in Porcini's Company Case Study

Marketing and Trasforming Business in Porcini's Company - Case Study Example The company has also suffered stiff competition from Unos, Bertucci’s, and Buca di Beppo which try to offer the same products Porcini offers. This paper will, therefore, explore the marketing strategies that the company lacks in relation to customer focus and the 4P, Market target and expansion, and competition so as to be on the competitive advantage. The company has difficulties in choosing the right option for restaurant expansion to either undertake franchising or syndication. Ordinarily, the majority of the restaurant chains are considering new franchise agreements in their main avenue for growth where Porcini is not an exception.However, the restaurant has limited capital from restaurant-level operations to system-wide marketing and brand building. It should be noted that when the restaurant has no capital, it will be unwise for the business to go for a loan for expanding the business. This is because it will take time for the business to stabilize. Therefore, the cost of construction and leasing is normally shifted to franchisees which would likely bring outlets into operation more rapidly. This leads to expansion of the company. The restaurant is not vast with enforcing franchise standards. Normally, the franchise has a 20-year term with renewal at the franchisor’s option a 5% to 6% royalty on gross revenues and an upfront fee during franchising.Additionally, each franchisee is usually accountable for his own financing and this saves the finances of the company. Some franchisors often handle all expansion, including feasibility studies, market analysis, site selection, and construction themselves. Porcini does not have a construction department and this makes it hard for the company to avoid franchising. Therefore this is the best option for the company for it will increase the company profitability On the other hand, in syndication, the chain identifies purchases a number of sites, builds and furnishes a facility on each, then sells the  portfolio of properties to an investor group thereby recouping and recycling its capital.  

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Journal # 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Journal # 2 - Essay Example She is also involved in in hiring new staff, grant writing and policy making for these programs. During our meeting on Thursday, My preceptor shared that she just received a message from her boss and the director from the IT department asking her to inform the her department staff members not to send email with client’s names because of security issues that they were currently resolving. So she informed everyone concerned and then later during the day they collectively decided to communicate on paper with regards to anything that involved client information temporarily. Then by 2pm the IT people called to tell her it was okay to send information relate to client through email again. I fould the situation quite confusing but still managed to learn a great deal from the experience. We also discussed the project and she request that I review EPDS score for old discharge clients from the family case management program to see how the case managers follow-up with the mothers who hav e a high depression score. And then I could research the literature on EPDS screening and present it the staff members. Focus on role development: A reflection upon the MSN role your preceptor is modeling and how you see yourself transitioning to a MSN role, based on your observations. What would you do differently than your preceptor? What strengths do you observe in your preceptor that you fell you need to develop? I observed my preceptor playing a important role as a go between for upper management and the front line managers. I noticed how she kept a neutral position in communicating with her subordinate leaders and how she dupported all the staff members as they expressed their frustrations relating to being unable to send emails with client information. Without having the experience as my preceptor has in leadership and in the

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Job Shadowing :: essays research papers

I selected to job shadow my mom actually because I couldn’t find anyone to shadow in the career that I wanted, so my only other choice was to do my mom. I wasn’t really too interested in doing that job at first, but that’s what I needed to do. I spent my day watching and helping my mom checking out stock systems and how it works. I was also able to use the office equipment. I wore nice black pants with a nice sweater. We left the building for lunch, and went somewhere else to eat, like my mom does a lot of the time. During the interview, I asked her the questions, and she answered, explaining as she went along, and I was not able to catch it all. So I learned a whole lot about the job by doing the interview. I left at about 2:00 to 3:00 (I am not too sure exactly when) because my mom had some important work she needed to do, that I really couldn’t help with. My favorite experience that day was actually finding out how stocks work, saving money, and inform ation like that. The work area where I went was inside a building. The employees aren’t alone; there are other people’s desks near by. This job is certainly not hectic and tense, its more quiet and clam. Sometimes people are walking by, or come in to talk to them though. There are a lot of glass windows, whether it for looking outside, or into the more private office, there is quite a lot of glass, and desks are scattered throughout the building. Some of the equipment used is copy machines, fax machines, and printers. There are computers and phones on the employee’s desks. By shadowing my mom, I learned a whole lot about trading and selling stocks. I also learned how the employees have to deal with clients that have problems or questions about their stock. So I know what kind of skills I need, and what I have to do to be a stockbroker. This experience of job shadowing won’t really impact my future career decision, because although it was a good and informational experience , it’s not really the kind of career I want to do when I get older.

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An Essay on School

An essay on schoolIssues surrounding school can never be over analysed. At first glance school may seem unenchanting, however its study is a necessity for any one wishing to intellectually advance beyond their childhood. While much has been written on its influence on contemporary living, school is featuring more and more in the ideals of the young and upwardly mobile. Inevitably feelings run deep amongst those most reliant on technology, obviously. Here begins my indepth analysis of the glourious subject of school.Social FactorsSociety is a human product. The immortal and indispensable phrase ‘honesty is the best policy’ [1] globalised an issue which had remained buried in the hearts of our ancestors for centuries. Both tyranny and democracy are tried and questioned. Yet school helps to provide some sort of equilibrium in this world of ever changing, always yearning chaos.Some analysts have been tempted to disregard school. I haven’t. To put it simply, people lik e school.Economic FactorsEconomics has been defined as ‘I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine.' To my learned ear that sounds like two people with itchy backs. We will study the Custard-Not-Mustard model. For those of you unfamiliar with this model it is derived from the Three-Amigos model but with greater emphasis on the outlying gross national product.Political FactorsPolitics, we all agree, is a fact of life. Comparing international relations since the end of the century can be like observing school and political feeling.In the words of the star of stage and screen Esperanza Woodpecker ‘People in  glass houses shouldn't through parties.' [2] He was first introduced to school by his mother. It is a well known ‘secret' that what prompted many politicians to first strive for power was school.I wait anxiously. What will the next few years bring for school?ConclusionWe can conclude that the school may not be the best thing since sliced bread, but it's still im portant. It fills a hole, puts out ‘fires', and most importantly it perseveres.Let's finish with a thought from star Nicole Jackson: ‘Oooh yeah school shoo badaby dooo.' [3]

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The Narrative Techniques Used by Hitchcock in Rear Window...

The Narrative Techniques Used by Hitchcock in Rear Window L.B. Jeffries is a high-class magazine photographer for what seems to be a worldwide publication. In Alfred Hitchcocks Rear Window, he is a temporarily wheelchair-bound man and his voyeuristic side appears later on in the film. Rear Window depicts a 20th century New York in which fraudsters, murderers and salesmen all live alongside each other. The story describes a man who broke his leg during a photography assignment. He is, for the time being, stuck in a wheelchair with nothing to do but look at the neighbours through his Rear Window. He hasnt seen the light of day since seven weeks ago. Rear Window is one of Alfred†¦show more content†¦This also shows that it is the start of the story. The window fills the whole frame of the shot. This is a good way of setting the scene for the viewers. Old-style joyous jazz music is played at the start - a good way of portraying happy times. The opening scene in Rear Window has no dialogue, leaving even more of the viewers in a pool of anticipation. The scene highlights the fact that every single thing in the film will be seen through that particular window. Alfred Hitchcocks Rear Window is a great example of first-rate camerawork. The camera is used as the narrator and probably plays the biggest role within the film. At the start of the film, the camera is used to pan around every single apartment within the inner city New York apartment block to introduce the characters. Although the characters do not speak, they still play a major role in the film. Alfred Hitchcock puts the viewers in the position of L.B Jeffries, making us all voyeurs. The camera is used to tell the story, as there is very little dialogue in the film. Throughout nearly all of the film, only one shot is used to tell the story, there are very few cuts. By doing it this way, Hitchcock is showing us exactly what the character is seeing. The cast of Rear Window includes Jimmy Stewart, the lovely Grace Kelly, Thelma Ritter, andShow MoreRelatedMovie Review : Rear Window1227 Words   |  5 Pagesof his works dwell considerably on voyeurism, Hitchcock’s 1954 film Rear Window addresses it most directly. Not only does the film comment explicitly on ‘rear window ethics’, it also forces audiences to identify with the characters who violate them. No character in Rear Window is morally clean, and through several cinematic techniques, Hitchcock compels viewers to sympathize with nearly all of them. More than anything, Rear Window is a film about the audience’s complicity with ethically imperfectRead More Alfred Hitchcocks Rear Window Essay1050 Words   |  5 PagesAlfred Hitchcocks Rear Window In Rear Window, Alfred Hitchcock took a plot-driven short story and transformed it into a character-driven movie. Although differences must exist between text and film, because of the limitations and advantages of the different media, Hitchcock has done more than translate a word-based story into a visual movie. Aside from adding enough details to fill a two-hour movie, Hitchcock has done much to change the perspective of the story, as well as the mainRead MoreModern Voyeurism1122 Words   |  5 Pagesseen as a modern interpretation of Hitchcock’s Rear Window. It’s a movie about a grounded teenager who starts spying on his neighbours out of boredom. After making a brief comparison between these two movies, I will mainly focus on the Male Gaze; how the protagonist, Kale Brecht, spends his days spying his new neighbour Ashley, a girl who just moved in the neighbourhood and becomes the object of desire of Kale. Voyeurism is the main theme in Rear Window as well as in Disturbia, the spectator looksRead More Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window Essay1177 Words   |  5 PagesHitchcock’s Rear Window In Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, L.B. Jeffries, played by Jimmy Stewart, becomes completely obsessed with spending all of his waking hours watching his neighbors from his wheelchair. He even uses a camera to better his view and thus enhances his role as both a spectator and a voyeur. This contributes to the creation of a movie being played right outside Jeffries’ window. In this â€Å"movie within the movie† his neighbors’ lives become the subject for the plot. Each window representsRead MoreEssay on Voyeurism in Rear Window1917 Words   |  8 PagesVOYEURISM IN REAR WINDOW In this essay, I shall try to illustrate whether analysing the movie Rear Window as a classical example of the Freudian concept of voyeurism, is appropriate. Voyeurism is defined in The Penguin dictionary of psychology as: Voyeurism: characterized by a pattern of sexual behaviour in which ones preferred means of sexual arousal is the clandestine observing of others when they are disrobing, nude or actually engaged in sexual activity. Arousal is dependent upon theRead MoreVoyeurism In Rear Window1767 Words   |  8 PagesHitchcock began his career in the early 1920s as a silent filmmaker, and rose to fame after his first successful silent thriller, The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog (1927). As sound technology progressed and became more accessible to filmmakers and movie theaters, Hitchcock began to work in sound. However, for the remainder of his career, Hitchcock was profoundly influenced by what he called ‘pure cinema’. This idea represents the film medium and its affective and expressive capabilities, unconstrainedRead MoreEssay on Voyeurism: A Freudian Concept Analysed in a Movie1757 Words   |  8 PagesIn this essay, I shall try to illustrate whether analysing the movie Rear Win dow as a classical example of the Freudian concept of voyeurism, is appropriate. Voyeurism is defined in The Penguin dictionary of psychology as: â€Å"Voyeurism: characterized by a pattern of sexual behaviour in which one’s preferred means of sexual arousal is the clandestine observing of others when they are disrobing, nude or actually engaged in sexual activity. Arousal is dependent upon the observed person(s) not being awareRead More Alfred Hitchcocks Movie, Psycho and its Impact on the Film Industry2879 Words   |  12 Pagesthe shower. As a result, Hitchcock had to fight to make the film as close to his vision as possible and find ways to work around censorship laws. When the censors demanded he re-edit the shower scene on account of a fleeting glimpse of Janet Leighs breast, Hitchcock simply sent back the original cut on the (correct) assumption that they either would not re-screen it or would fail to see the barely noticeable nudity the second time around (Rebello 146). As well, Hitchcock reportedly shot the filmRead MoreThe Development Of The Horror Genre Throughout The Years1758 Words   |  8 PagesBoth ho rror and science fiction explore the boundaries of what is means to be human (Belton, 272). This is done by emphasizing the dilemmas of the figures who straddle the border of human and non-human (Belton, 273). Horror and Sci-fi contain narratives that take on a form of a search for knowledge that will enable the human race to overcome any obstacle that involves a supernatural force (Belton, 273); the story lines require a search or journey to resolve the issue. Horror and Sci-fi often overlapRead MoreThe Beginnings Of Cinema United States1931 Words   |  8 PagesThomas Alva Edison, whose company was also the producer of the short films. Fatherhood American fiction cinema is often attributed to Edwin S. Porter, who in 1903 used an innovative technique mount 8 - minute film Assault and robbery of a train by which different fragments from different shots of the same film was together to form a narrative whole. This work became film in a very popular art form, and led to nationwide sc reening rooms appear small, so -called nickelodeones. David Wark Griffith, a disciple