Saturday, February 1, 2020

Journal # 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Journal # 2 - Essay Example She is also involved in in hiring new staff, grant writing and policy making for these programs. During our meeting on Thursday, My preceptor shared that she just received a message from her boss and the director from the IT department asking her to inform the her department staff members not to send email with client’s names because of security issues that they were currently resolving. So she informed everyone concerned and then later during the day they collectively decided to communicate on paper with regards to anything that involved client information temporarily. Then by 2pm the IT people called to tell her it was okay to send information relate to client through email again. I fould the situation quite confusing but still managed to learn a great deal from the experience. We also discussed the project and she request that I review EPDS score for old discharge clients from the family case management program to see how the case managers follow-up with the mothers who hav e a high depression score. And then I could research the literature on EPDS screening and present it the staff members. Focus on role development: A reflection upon the MSN role your preceptor is modeling and how you see yourself transitioning to a MSN role, based on your observations. What would you do differently than your preceptor? What strengths do you observe in your preceptor that you fell you need to develop? I observed my preceptor playing a important role as a go between for upper management and the front line managers. I noticed how she kept a neutral position in communicating with her subordinate leaders and how she dupported all the staff members as they expressed their frustrations relating to being unable to send emails with client information. Without having the experience as my preceptor has in leadership and in the

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